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To Create A Baby

Parenthood Decision -- Preconception -- Pregnancy -- Birth

2createababy, Parenthood Decision to Birth
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This community is for you if any/most of the following pertains to you:

  • are seriously in the midst of the "parenthood decision";
  • have arrived at the decision to become parents;
  • are activly planning and preparing the body/mind/spirit for a pregancy in the near future (i.e. 6 months to a year);
  • actively trying to conceive (ttc);
  • are undecided about home birth or hospital birth;
  • are already pregnant and wish to share your journey with us;
  • have suffered a "pregnancy loss", miscarriage, "stillborn birth", or other birth complication, and are in great need of a circle of support & compassion;
  • you gave birth and are having a tough time with the new adjustments, and need a compassionate community who will lend an ear or just plain "baby" YOU :-) ;
  • you are a new or seasoned parent/grandparent and feel you can shed some light, insights, opinions and wisdom on "parenthood" and "babies".

If this group is not necessarily for you, but you know of someone or a couple who are in great need of a community like this, please don't hesitate to send them this lnk and encourage them to visit 2createababy!

The main "umbrella" topics here are "parenthood decision"; "preparing body, mind, and spirit/psyche" for a possible pregnancy/current pregnancy; "birth options"; and of course: "BABIES"! :-). [While this community may at times touch upon "fertility/infertility/clinical methods, TTC (trying to conceive)" etc., a gentle reminder that the topic of infertility is only one of a great many facets of this community.]

The main aim is to create, nurture and maintain a safe, supportive, constructive, and creative space in which to collectivley brainstorm topics including: whether or not to become a parent; how to prepare body/mind/spirit/psyche for a baby; preconception planning; pregnancy and birth options; birth anticipation; birth rituals; home birth vs. hospital birth; and the journey into parenthood, among other toics.

Please report any spam/abuse/misuse of this community to the LJ Abuse team.

If you'd like to moderate this community, please email: 2createababy @ gmail dot com

Very Important:
We have Community Guidelines, but the only RULE here is: Mutual Respect/ Maturity above all else-- The members of this community will not allow spam/abuse or any misuse of this community.

  • Absolutely NO trolling is tolerated here;

  • No disrespect, hostility/negativity, self-righteousness, ill-will, maliciousness, prejudice etc.;

  • If you misuse this community and lose the trust of other members in this community, your membership will be cancelled-- no questions asked;

  • This is a safe space in which to share and discuss all things "To Create A Baby". Compassion, Support, Discovery, Understanding and Mutual Respect is essential here;

  • Anything that is not serving the aim and spirit of this community will be removed.

Suggested New Member Intro Questions:
These are not required, but help with getting everyone acquainted:

1. What is your LJ username?

2. What is your first name (other than your lj username?)

3. What is your biological age/age range?

4. Do you have a partner/spouse/S.O. going through this with you?

5. Where on earth are you, physically? :-) (west coast/ east coast / mid-west/ other country)?

6. Currently, you are (a) at the "parenthood decision"; (b) decided to plan a pregnancy; (c) decided to remain childless; (d) actively trying to conceive; (e) already pregnant; (f) have already given birth; or (g) none of the above

7. How did you find the 2createababy community?

8. Are you spiritual or philosophical or both?
--- if spiritual, which tradition or path do you follow? how long you've been practicing?
--- if philosophical, which philosophy do you mostly identify with?

9. What do you hope to find within this community?
--- What do you hope to share/contribute within this community?

10. Anything else you'd like to share with us or would like to know?

Some communities of interest, relating to both women's wellbeing and parenthood are:
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