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30 March 2006 @ 03:09 pm
"discodaddy" Pending Membership Request-- Waiting for your Introduction  

Important Message for discodaddy

(cute name, btw!)

We need your responses to these questions before your membership request is approved.
Comment here (all comments screened for your privacy) with your responses or
email them to: 2createababy at gmail.com
When we receive your responses (answer with as much detail as you feel comfortable,) then we'll process your membership request. Thanks!

1. What is your LJ username?

2. What is your first name (other than your lj username?)

3. What is your biological age/age range?

4. Do you have a partner/spouse/S.O. going through this with you?

5. Where on earth are you, physically? :-) (west coast/ east coast / mid-west/ other country)?

6. Currently, you are (a) at the "parenthood decision"; (b) decided to plan a pregnancy; (c) decided to remain childless; (d) actively trying to conceive; (e) already pregnant; (f) have already given birth; or (g) none of the above

7. How did you find the 2createababy community?

8. Are you spiritual or philosophical or both?
--- if spiritual, which tradition or path do you follow? how long you've been practicing?
--- if philosophical, which philosophy do you mostly identify with?

9. What do you hope to find within this community?
--- What do you hope to share/contribute within this community?

10. Anything else you'd like to share with us or would like to know?

Outlook: busybusy
Current Lullaby: "Daughter", Pearl Jam